Dean’s personality in 1 gifset

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Dean’s personality in 1 gifset

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Aren’t halloween costumes supposed to be somewhat scary if you’re older? THIS IS TOO FUCKING CUTE! <3

"Mom, I can’t save during a battle!"

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E ruba oui’na rybbo. E’s hud syt palyica ed’c ran un lyica edc cusauha amca. E naymmo luimt lyna macc. Ed uhmo syddanc palyica oui cyet oui frah fa pnuga ib dryd oui rydat namydeuhcrebc yht fana ynusyhdel. E zicd ghuf dryd’c pimmcred huf. Uha uv ouin meddma pitteac vehymmo dumt sa fro oui naymmo teth’d lyna ypuid ahtehk edpylg drah. Yht drah oui bnulaatat du ypica sa vun dra caq yvdan ed ymm. Yht e’s zicd myikrehk yd ed ymm huf. Ed teth’d syddan, tet ed? Oui hajan lynat. E huf caa ed vun fryd ed ec. Oui zicd ynah’d fundr ed. Hajan fana. Cu ykyeh, E’s hud syt, E zicd veht ed ymm lremtecr. Cu drec ec dra mycd oui’mm rayn vnus sa eh yho cahca udran dryh csymm, ihfemmehk dymg.

Drec ec kuutpoa, [Aion]. Tuh’d dnayd ran mega oui dnaydat sa.


the sexual tension between a tank and a healer

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Finally after months of wondering, here is the full original illustration by abec-san. For those who haven’t read the light novels (seriously what are you doing), this illustration features Kirito (long hair) and Sinon (blue hair) from the arc Phantom Bullet which takes place in GGO; Gun Gale Online. This is the famous chase scene during the “Bullet of Bullets” tournament. Light novel readers should be familiar with it. I won’t say more than that because I don’t want to spoil the action for anyone else.

Yes, this illustration is not found in the light novels. I believe you can get it at the Degenki Bunko event…that’s in Japan.

P.S. I really want this illustration, just look at Sinon! She’s so precious. Oh and I hope I get my hands on a proper scan of this. But I highly doubt I’ll be able anytime soon.

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